Driver’s Ed for Adults

Driver’s Education Adult Program Requirements

MUST HAVE a VALID Massachusetts Permit
Clean driving record for six month's prior
Complete a driver's education course for insurance discount

A student must complete the full scope of driver education (both classroom instruction and motor vehicle on-road instruction) within two years from the first session in a driver education program.

Currently, classroom instruction covers at a minimum the following areas of study:

  • The Massachusetts driver’s license
  • The driver’s license privilege
  • Motor vehicle safety
  • Rules of the road
  • Defensive driving and special situations
  • Vehicle ownership

On-road instruction is designed to train each student in the various controls and devices in the driver’s compartment and how to apply their new driving knowledge to the road. Instructors are required at a minimum to teach how to start the engine, engage the gears, make left and right turns, turn the vehicle around, stop and start on hills and grades, back-up, park, and drive in traffic and on the open highway.